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OUHSC Profiles is a research networking and expertise mining software tool. It not only shows traditional directory information, but also illustrates how each person is connected to others in our broad research community.

Stats as of Spring 2018:
1902 profiles
16394 publication listed

Note to faculty:  OUHSC Profiles enables keyword search. When updating personal profiles, be sure to include "interprofessional" in your entry.

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OUHSC Interprofessional Education Faculty

College of Allied Health

Allied Health

  • Christi Barbee
  • Denise Bender 
  • Carol Dionne
  • Jennifer Graef
  • Leah Hoffman
  • Mary A. Hudson
  • Suzanne Kimball
  • Cyndy Robinson 
  • Mona Ryan
  • Peggy Turner 
  • Robin White
  • Joshua Williams

College of Dentistry


  • Marsha Beatty
  • John Dmytryk 
  • Karen Luce 
  • Melissa Stutzman

College of Medicine


  • Mary Zoe Baker
  • Steven Blevins
  • Michael Brnad
  • Lin Goldston
  • Claudette Greenway
  • Mary Kay Gumerlock
  • David Kelley 
  • Barbara Norton
  • Germaine Odenheimer
  • Hal Scofield
  • Jane Silovsky
  • Cynthia Thomas
  • Bruna Varalli-Claypool 
  • Peggy Wisdom 
  • Melody Yozzo

College of Nursing


  • Sheryl Buckner
  • Melissa Craft 
  • Lisa DeSpain
  • Susan Dresser
  • Mark Fisher 
  • Kim Hinds
  • Stephanie Marfurt
  • Carol Rogers
  • Loren Stein
  • Kathy Wickham
  • Jeana Wilcox 

College of Pharmacy


  • Vincent Dennis 
  • Misty Miller

College of Public Health

Public Health

  • Dale Bratzler 
  • Karla Finnell
  • Shari Kinney 
  • Andrea Lorden
  • Steve Mattachione
  • Aaron Wendelboe

School of Social Work

Social Work

  • Terrie Fritz 
  • Carrie Jankowski
  • Anthony Kibble
  • Raina Leckie 
  • Ann Riley 
  • Pam Sanford 

Interprofessional Education Coordinator

Margaret Robinson

Coordinator, Interprofessional Education
Robert M. Bird Library, Room 164D
Phone: 405-271-5557 Ext. 30674