Academic Calendar

Fall 2014

Any calendar is subject to change when it is determined to be in the best interest of the University to do so.

Enrollment period (including add/drop) Mar 31 - Aug 15
Cancellation deadline at 5 p.m. Aug 15
Classes begin Aug 18
Late enrollment period ($50 late enrollment fee) Aug 18 - 22
Final date to enroll Aug 22
Last date to pay fees/tuition without service charge Sept 15
Final date of classes Dec 5
Final examination period Dec 8 - 12
Final date to pay fees/tuition without $50 late fee Dec 12
Final date of term Dec 12
Final grades due Dec 16
Change from audit to credit Aug 18 - Aug 29
Change from credit to audit Aug 18 - Oct 24
Final date to add a class Aug 22
No refund on Dropped Courses after this date Aug 29
No record of Grade on Dropped Course Aug 18 - Aug 29
Automatic grade of "W" for a dropped course Sept 1 - 26
Grade of "W" or "F" for a dropped course Sept 29 - Dec 5
Petition to college dean to drop a course (with grade of "W" or "F") Nov 3 - Dec 5
100% refund on complete withdrawals Aug 18 - Aug 29
No refund on complete withdrawal after this date Aug 29
Automatic grade of 'W' for complete withdrawal Sept 1 - 26
Grade of "W" or "F" on complete withdrawal Sept 29 - Dec 5
Withdrawal - After Financial Aid 60% point in time Oct 24
Final date to withdraw from all courses Dec 5
Final date to file as a candidate for master's degree Sept 8
Final date to file application for diploma Oct 1
Final date to submit thesis/dissertation reading copy Nov 14
Final date to schedule comprehensive examination Nov 28
Final date to request thesis/dissertation defense Nov 28
Final date for oral defense of thesis/dissertation Dec 12
Labor Day Sept 1
**Fall Break TBA
Thanksgiving vacation Nov 26 - Nov 30
December Intersession Registration Nov 3 - Dec 12
December Intersession Dec 15 - Jan 9

** Program directors and chairs are responsible for determining who will be allowed to take the holiday due to clinical responsibilities and/or whose absence would disrupt patient care.


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