Changes Impacting Your Student Status

Complete an I-20 transfer whenever you change schools. An I-20 transfer (not the same as transferring academic credit) must be completed within 15 days of the beginning of classes of the first semester at the new school. An I-20 transfer is not complete until an International Student Advisor signs and dates your new I-20.

Obtain a new I-20 whenever you make a change in your major or in degree levels. This includes changing majors or levels at the same school or a new one (e.g., bachelor's to master's degree) or beginning a new degree at the same level (e.g., master's degree to a 2nd master's).

Obtain travel endorsement on the back of your 1-20 before leaving the U.S. if you plan to reenter. This will be needed if you want to reenter the U.S. It is not necessary if you are returning home permanently. An I-20 is no longer valid for reentry once you complete the degree listed on your I-20, even if the I-20 has not expired.

Make application for Optional Practical Training (OPT) 60-120 days prior to completion of your degree or you will loose your opportunity to apply. Consult your international student advisor on OPT application procedures.

Make a transition 60 days prior to completing your degree or optional practical training (OPT). When you finish your degree or your OPT, you have a 60 day grace period to transition to a new I-20 for a new degree program, change your status, or depart the U.S.

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