Current Documents

  1. Keep your passport valid at all times. Your passport should be valid for at least 6 months into the future.

  2. You are required to carry your immigration documents (passport, I-94 card, 1-20) with you while traveling. You can be fined $100 and/or sent to jail for up to 30 days if you do not have your documents with you.

  3. Inside the U.S. you must maintain your visa status, not your visa sticker in your passport. The visa sticker in your passport can expire while you are in the U.S. because its ONLY function is to serve as a key to enter or reenter the U.S. Your visa status is defined with the F-1 and D/S (Duration of Status) on your I-20 and I-94 card. You must maintain your status (not the sticker) in order to remain in the U.S. You maintain your visa status by obeying all U.S. regulations (highlighted in this document). You only need to renew your visa sticker if you leave the U.S. and want to reenter. Be sure to only enter with an F-1 visa if you want to have F-1 status. In the U.S., the type of visa sticker you use determines your status. Only students are granted D/S on their I-94 card. Other visa holders receive specific dates for departure. If you are an F-1 student and have a specific departure date on your I-94 card (there is no D/S), make an appointment to see an advisor in our office immediately.

  4. Only attend the school listed on your current and stamped I-20. To attend another school, you must first transfer to that school (by obtaining admission & receiving a new I-20) or receive a concurrent enrollment letter from our office.

  5. Apply for an extension of your I-20 thirty days before the expiration date of your program end date. The extension can only be applied for at our office within the 30-day-period prior to the expiration date listed on item 5 of your I-20.

  6. Report your change of address to the International Student Advisor within 10 days of the change. "Special Registrants" must also submit to INS form AR-11SR You may be fined $200 and/or placed in jail for up to 30 days if INS does not have your current address. You are responsible for submitting a change of address to the OUHSC International Student Advisor (BSEB, Room 200) within 10 days of your move. If you are a Special Registrant, you should also report the new address, phone number and email to INS on Form AR-11SR within 10 days of your move. The AR-11SR is available on the INS website:

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