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Basic Training Documents

Navigation Basics of logging in, navigating, and identifying Peoplesoft components   navigation.pdf
Search/Match Search, locate, and identify information about a person search_match.pdf
FERPA Review and maintain FERPA information FERPA_maintenance.pdf
FERPA policy and identifying FERPA information in Peoplesoft FERPA_processing.pdf
Printing Reports Printing Reports using Process Monitor and Report Manager   Printing_Reports.pdf
Academic Structure Identifying Academic Groups, Careers, Programs, Plans, and Sub-plans   Academic_Structure.pdf

Additional Training Documents - College Users  

Campus Community Identify key elements and standards for maintaining Personal Information   campus_community_view.pdf
Checklists TO BE POSTED    
Class Schedule Maintenance of the class schedule class_schedule.pdf
Quick reference aid for working with the class schedule ClassSchedule-Quicksteps.pdf
Course Catalog Accurately and easily locate course catalog information   course_catalog.pdf
Enrollment Process student enrollment information Under Revision
Review and verify student enrollment Under Revision
Review, create, and print a class roster Under Revision
Grades Grade policies and entry of grades into Peoplesoft Under Revision
Generate and print Grade Rosters and the grade approval process Under Revision
Graduation College processing of graduating students and generating Graduation Reports graduation-college.pdf
Prospects Maintenance of prospective student data prospects.pdf
Selection TO BE POSTED    
Service Indicators TO BE POSTED    
Student Records TO BE POSTED  
Transcripts Printing transcripts and policies regarding the release of transcript information   transcripts.pdf
Transfer Credit Modelling TO BE POSTED    
Queries Running queries in Peoplesoft query.pdf

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