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The University of Oklahoma

Office of Community Partnership and Health

Teacher and Mentor Corner

Educational Instructor/ Mentor Job Description

Consultants are responsible for the development of grade appropriate curriculum in the areas of science, math, and language arts for students participating in the Future Health Scientist Partnerships Program.  They will also instruct students ranging from grade levels 5th – 12th. The lesson plans, experiments and exercises are to strengthen the students understanding of the sciences and health professions.  The activities are developed in collaboration and coordination with other instructors and professors to ensure a seamless and connected curriculum. Consultants are also responsible for identifying instructional materials needed and supervising students during class time, field trips, and other program activities.

Instructors will also integrate youth mentors into class activities and in the development of procedures to enhance the learning experience of the students in the program. Instructors will also provide guidance and direction to mentors in support of the academic and professional growth of the mentors.

Consultants/ Instructors will also be expected to have a good rapport with the students and parents. They will also motivate and flourish the verbal and leadership skills of students and mentors, making sure there is awareness and clarity about the program to parents; which will reinforce their commitment to their child and the Future Health Scientist Partnership Program.

Qualifications:  Instructors must be certified teachers (in accordance with Oklahoma State guidelines) and have experience working with elementary and middle school children.  Instructors without certification must have at least an undergraduate degree in an area of science, math, or health related field.  Instructors must also have knowledge of state instructional standards for elementary and middle school students and have the ability to develop activities which assist students in meeting those standards.  Instructors must have the ability to effectively communicate both verbally and in written form.

Hours of work: Consultants/ Instructors will work with students at least one Saturday per month during the OUHSC school year and up to six weeks during the summer. 

Any questions about these positions please contact our office 405-271-2390.