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The University of Oklahoma

Office of Community Partnership and Health

Future Health Scientists Partnerships Program (FHSPP)

The Future Health Scientists Partnerships Program (FHSPP) is a program that seeks to prepare area students for future careers in the health sciences; special emphasis will be on the preparation of students from groups that are underrepresented in the health sciences.

The program starts with a cohort of fifty 5th graders and provides academic support, career development and other support to help prepare the cohort for a potential future in the health sciences professions. Each year another cohort of fifty 5th graders is added to the program. The maximum enrollment in the program at any time is four hundred students.

During the academic year, the program sponsors monthly academic enrichment and career awareness activities for the students enrolled in the program. The program also sponsors activities for parents and guardians to support their important role in the education and development of their children.

During the summer, the FHSPP sponsors a program which consists of multiple, two-week sessions, where students participate in activities focused on science, math and language arts. Also during the summer, participating students engage in a research project competition where awards are given for the top projects.

If you have any questions, feel free to call our office, (405) 271-2390, or send us an email at CommunityPartnerships&HealthPolicy@ouhsc.edu.