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The Millennial Cohort as Learners:  Part One - Understanding the Generation Expectation Gap

Presented by:

Valerie N. Williams, Ph.D., Vice Provost for Academic Affairs & Faculty Development
Shari Clifton, MLIS, AHIP, Associate Director, Bird Healh Sciences Library


Learning Objectives:

  1. List common assumptions and attribution errors that can affect how faculty approach teaching the Millennial Generation
  2. Distinguish between generation period, cohort, and lifecycle effects
  3. Compare generation cohort expertise and authority expectations
  4. Compare generation cohort engagement expectations
  5. Explain three strategy rationale non-Millennial educators can use to engage Millennial learner
    1. Provide clear direction and structure
    2. Role Model, Coach and Mentor
    3. Engage and Provide Feedback

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