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If there is an emergency, Deans, Department Heads, Supervisors, and Area Coordinators have the responsibility to give instructions to students, faculty and staff, close and lock doors, and provide other required safety and first aid measures unless otherwise directed by the Campus Security or other properly identified emergency personnel.   SOME EMERGENCIES MAY REQUIRE EVACUATION OF THE BUILDING.   IN THIS EVENT:  

  1. Fire alarms or verbal notice will be used to sound the evacuation.
  2. Remain calm and orderly.   Walk quickly, but do not run.
  3. Exit via stairway.   DO NOT USE ELEVATORS.
  4. Follow instructions of Campus Security Officers or other properly identified emergency personnel.
  5. See out and give assistance to disabled or injured people in the area.
  6. If time permits, turn off the power to processes electrical equipment that should not run unattended.
  7. Close doors behind you as you leave the area.
  8. Go to a pre-determined assembly area away from the building .  
  9. Keep all roadways and walkways clear for emergency vehicles.
  10. WAIT FOR INSTRUCTIONS from emergency personnel.   NEVER RE-ENTER BUILDING until instructed to do so by Campus Security or other properly identified emergency personnel.
  11. If emergency situations not covered by this booklet occur, call the appropriate emergency number for instructions.
The Environmental Health and Safety Office
Oklahoma City
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800 NE 15th, Rm. 301
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