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 When someone experiences a slip, trip, or fall at any OU-Tulsa location, call (or have someone call for you) Campus Security (660-3333).  


Because it may involve Workers' Compensation or Risk Management, a report will be filed by the employee and their supervisor.


    1. Employees/Students who require medical attention should go to the appropriate facility listed elsewhere in this document.
    2. If a visitor (non-employee/non-student) is injured, call Campus Security to have the proper form completed.   A form will be provided to the injured party, which must be filled out and returned to:   Campus Security.
    3. All exposures, accidents, injuries, or illnesses that occur on the job must be reported on a Form 2 Employee's Report of Workers' Compensation injury, a Supervisor's report of Occupational Injury, and Employees Report of Injury to the Human Resources on the Schusterman Campus.


The Environmental Health and Safety Office
Oklahoma City
Ph: 405-271-3000
Fx: 405-271-1606
800 NE 15th, Rm. 301
Oklahoma City, OK 73104

Ph: 918-660-3878

Fx: 918-660-3069

4502 E. 41st Street

Tulsa, OK


Ph: 405-325-5146
Ph: 405-325-5147

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