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Accounts Payable
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Associate VP & CFO
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Bursar's Office
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Financial Reporting
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General Accounting
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Grants and Contracts
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Payroll Services
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Add Pay Earning Codes
    These codes are available for additional pay entry in the eForm Add Pay entry screens in PeopleSoft. This document explains the intended use of the codes.

Add Pay Overtime Calculation Example
    Example of how to complete the Add Pay Overtime Calculation form.

Add Pay Overtime Calculations
    Used to calculate additional overtime pay for hourly employees receiving a non-discretionary additional pay during a period in which they worked overtime.

Chartfield Spread / Source Change Form
    This form is used to change information associated with the funding sources in which an employee is being paid from.

Emergency Check Request/Approval Form
    This form is used by departments when there is an immediate need to pay an employee. Departments must work closely with Payroll Department when using this form.

Foreign National Information Form
    Form collects the necessary information for Payroll Services to determine tax status for foreign national employees who are not U.S. citizens or Permanent Residents (green card holders).

IRS Withholding Calculator
    IRS Withholding Calculator

Leave Adjustment Form
    This form is used to adjust leave balances and paid leave payouts and will be sent to Payroll Services.

Notice to Cancel Paycheck
    This form is used by departments to cancel a paycheck that has been processed through the payroll system. There is a time frame that is allowed to cancel paychecks so before submitting this form the Payroll Office should be contacted.

OU Pay Form
    OU Pay form is used for Add Pays that cannot be added electronically in the system or to correct online data that cannot be corrected online. The form is normally used after TAL timesheets have been locked.

Payroll Coordinator Checklist
    Checklist to assist in biweekly payroll review process.

Payroll/Budget End User Security Form
    This PeopleSoft security form is used for access to Budget and/or Payroll. User training for payroll is required before access is granted.

Prior Period Payroll Adjustment
    This form is used to prior period adjustments when greater than three pay periods have passed in TAL. Form must be completed in its entirety, signed by the employee's supervisor and submitted to Payroll Services.

Request for Payroll documents
    This form is submitted by an employee or prior employee to Payroll Office requesting payroll related documents such as an earning statements. In most cases this form is used by previous employees who no longer have access to their earnings statements online.

Salary Paycheck Calculator
    Salary Paycheck Calculator

Time, Attendance and Leave (TAL) Security Changes
    This form is used to add additional access to an already existing Supervisor or Payroll Coordinator in the TAL system.

Timeclocks Device ID and Locations
    List of all timeclock IDs and locations which can be used to determine where an employee clocked in.

Turn Off "OK to Pay" Form
    This form is used by departments during a payroll cycle to turn off a payline.

W4 Form
    W-4 changes can be made electronically or by paper form. The electronic option is the fastest. To change your W-4 settings electronically, go to the Human Capital PeopleSoft menu and enter your changes: Self Service >> Payroll and Compensation >> W-4 Tax Information
For a paper copy of the W-4, select the (URL) above. Complete the form, print it out, sign it manually and date it and return it to Payroll Services in Oklahoma City. Employees without a W-4 will be taxed at the highest single tax rate. Nonresident Aliens have only
one W-4 reporting option which is to select “single (box 3) and 1 exemption (box 5) and write “NRA to the left of box 6 on the W-4 form. Note: Nonresident Aliens must check with Payroll Services at (405-271-2055) before changing W-4 withholding allowances.

Wages Beneficiary Designation
    To designate a beneficiary for employee wages in the event of an
employee's death while an employee of OUHSC.