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Accounts Payable
Front Desk - 405.271.2410
Travel Section - 405.271.2038

Associate VP & CFO
Front Desk- 405.271.2376

Auxiliary/Service Unit AccountingFront Desk- 405.271.2246

Bursar's Office
Front Desk- 405.271.2433

Financial Reporting
Front Desk- 405.271.2355

General Accounting
Front Desk- 405.271.2355

Grants and Contracts
Front Desk- 405.271.2177

Payroll Services
Front Desk- 405.271.2055

Student Financial Aid
Front Desk- 405.271.2118

Budget Office
Front Desk- 405.271.2404

Temporary Worker Appointment and Special Pay Request (OUPAY)
    Special pay form is used by departments to provide Payroll with documentation of time worked, OT or other compensation associated with the different payroll cycles. The form is normally used after paylines have been closed to departments and Payroll is only allowed to enter data.

Time, Attendance and Leave (TAL) Security Changes
    This form is used to add additional access to an already existing Supervisor or Payroll Coordinator in the TAL system.

Timeclocks Device ID and Locations
    List of all timeclock IDs and locations which can be used to determine where an employee clocked in.

Travel – In Case of Accident Pamphlet
    Pamphlet to be kept in personal vehicle when driving on business for the University.

Travel Mileage Log
    Log to track odometer readings for University travel.

Travel Pre-Approval Form
    Form to document written pre-approval for out-of-state travel. Written approval is required by OUHSC policy and should be kept in the department file.

Travel Reimbursement Checklist
    Checklist to assist in collection of required approvals, documents, and payment requests for travel reimbursements.

Turn Off "OK to Pay" Form
    This form is used by departments during a payroll cycle to turn off a payline.