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Healthier Choices, Healthier You

Healthier Choices, Healthier You is designed for individuals and caregivers who have chronic health problems. Classes help you deal with issues such as pain, fatigue and inability to sleep. Instructors share activities that will help improve strength, exercise, endurance and safe use of medications. The presentation also will cover ways to communicate effectively with family, friends and health professionals.

Healthy brain, healthy mind

Healthy Brain, Healthy Mind helps older adults understand the many ways they can maintain a healthy brain. Through more than a dozen methods - such as establishing good habits and routines, physical activity and nutrition - participants will learn how to improve their physical and mental health.

DEEP (Diabetes Empowerment Education Program)

DEEP provides comprehensive education on how to better manage diabetes. Through this interactive class, you will take control of your health by learning how to help control your diabetes with proper diet, exercise and medication.

DSMP (Diabetes Self-Management Program)

DSMP is a class for individuals and their caregivers who are dealing with Type 2 diabetes. The class teaches ways to cope with the symptoms of this type of diabetes, including healthy eating and proper use of medication, as well as how to improve strength and endurance. You also will learn better ways to control your diabetes – and through sharing your experiences with classmates, help others solve problems related to the disease.

Eat Better, Move More

The Eat Better, Move More program is for older adults and their caregivers. Instructors will show ways to improve your nutrition, as well as how to find simple, fun ways to introduce movement and exercise into everyday routines. Through this class, older adults will develop a plan that can improve quality of life.

Tai Chi

The movements of tai chi help older adults reduce their risk of falling, while also increasing balance and flexibility. Participants learn ways to improve their overall mind, body and spirit through a series of slow, continuous movements. It does not matter how strong, flexible or active you are – tai chi is designed for people at all levels of health.

REACH (Resources for enhancing alzheimer's caregiver health)

REACH provides over-the-phone training to anyone caring for an individual with Alzheimer’s disease. The program generally consists of four one-hour calls, individual or group, to identify issues, assess each situation, and offer counseling sessions and support. Additional help is available, if needed.


This interactive workshop teaches caregivers how to communicate more effectively with health care professionals, enabling participants to advocate on behalf of a friend or family member in their care. You will gain information on the benefits and challenges of the medical system, while also learning a team approach to providing overall care.

Using medications safely

This program is designed to empower older adults to be more active participants in decisions regarding their medications. Through learning about all aspects of medications, these adults can significantly reduce the likelihood of experiencing a drug-related problem.

Caring for you, Caring for me

This class provides education and support for family and professional caregivers. Participants will learn how to better deal with the stresses and strains of being a caregiver, including how to take better care of yourself, mentally and physically. Instructors also will share a range of resources.

Resistance-band Training

Resistance-band training is a safe, progressive way to build and maintain the strength needed to perform daily living activities. During this presentation, participants will receive their own resistance band and learn the knowledge, skills and techniques needed to incorporate it into their individual exercise plans.