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Community Definition

The OUPRC continues to conduct its activities in Anadarko Public Schools in Anadarko, OK, located 70 miles southwest of Oklahoma City. Anadarko is home to three tribal nations, the Apache, Delaware, and Wichita which all preside in very close proximity to four other nations, the Caddo, Comanche, Ft. Sill Apache, and Kiowa.   The Anadarko school district serves a population of approximately 2,000 students, 63% of whom are American Indian.


CAB Profile

The Community Advisory Board of the OUPRC currently has 10 community members. Members include Native and non-Native people from diverse fields, such as nutrition, public health nursing, education, and substance abuse counseling. Members are also parents and concerned citizens of the Anadarko, OK community, the primary location for many OUPRC activities. All members live and/or work in the Anadarko area, and all meetings are held quartlerly in the Anadarko community. The CAB of the OUPRC, as it currently exists, was formed in October, 2000. The CAB has helped to set priorities for the OUPRC, given direction on existing projects, and suggestions about others.


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