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Incident No.Sorted By Incident No. In Descending OrderIncident TypeCrime Date/TimeReport Date/TimeGEOLocationDisposition
15-0515Property-Safe Keeping5/21/2015 09:005/21/2015 12:52OUHSCRP2-840 Research Parkway Closed
15-0514Larceny5/20/2015 18:405/20/2015 20:47OUMCOUMC-700 NE 13th St CafeteriaClosed
15-0512Found Property5/19/2015 15:305/20/2015 10:25OEGBN-940 NE 13th St Garrison Tower Suite 2100Closed
15-0511Found Property5/20/2015 09:405/20/2015 10:06OUMCOUMC-700 NE 13th St Closed
15-0510Warrant Arrest, Poss of Marijuana5/20/2015 09:055/20/2015 09:28SLE1600 N Lottie AveClosed by Arrest
15-0509Larceny5/19/2015 16:305/20/2015 07:53OUHSCGH-900 N PhillipsOpen
15-0508Found Property5/19/2015 22:155/19/2015 22:15TCHTCH-1200 N Everett Dr Rm 8178Closed
15-0507DUI, TOC, Unlawfully Carry Weapon5/19/2015 21:385/19/2015 21:38SLE400 N. Lincoln BlvdClosed by Arrest
15-0506Found Property5/19/2015 17:005/19/2015 19:13OUMCOUMC-700 NE 13th St Cloesd
15-0505Larceny5/19/2015 11:005/19/2015 14:20OUHSCFMC-900 NE 10th Street Suite 2400Open
15-0504Vehicle Impound5/18/2015 14:305/18/2015 15:17SLENE 16th & StonewallClosed
15-0503Larceny5/18/2015 10:005/18/2015 12:08TCHTCH-1200 N Everett Dr Open
15-0502Warrant Arrest5/18/2015 09:155/18/2015 09:15SLEPhillips Ave & NE 10th StreetClosed by Arrest
15-0501Property-Safe Keeping5/17/2015 15:525/17/2015 15:52OUmcOUMC-700 NE 13th St ERClosed
15-0500Notice to Vacate5/17/2015 01:265/17/2015 001:26TCHTCH-1200 N Everett Dr Closed
15-0498Public Intox5/15/2015 22:125/15/2015 22:12OUMCOUMC-700 NE 13th St ERClosed by Arrest
15-0497Larceny of Lost Property5/15/2015 18:005/15/2015 18:39TCHTCH-1200 N Everett Dr-CafeteriaClosed
15-0496Lost Property5/14/2015 00:155/15/2015 10:46TCHTCH-1200 N Everett Dr Closed
15-0495Recovered Stolen Property5/15/2015 09:455/15/2015 09:45OUHSCRP1-800 Research Parkway Loading DockClosed
15-0494Aggravated DUI 5/14/2015 23:265/14/2015 23:26SLENE 16th & Lincoln BlvdClosed by Arrest
15-0493Suspicious Activity5/14/2015 10:005/14/2015 15:35OUHSCOUPB-825 NE 10th StreetOpen
15-0492Found Property5/14/2015 14:495/14/2015 14:49OUHSCWP-920 SL Young-Parking GarageClosed
15-0491Found Property5/14/2015 09:50 5/14/2015 10:10 OUHSCHHODC-1000 N Lincoln Blvd Parking Front DeskClosed
15-0490Agency Assist-DHS5/13/2015 21:505/31/2015 21:50TCHTCH-1200 N Everett Dr ERClosed
15-0489Agency Assist-DHS5/13/2015 15:225/13/2015 15:22TCHTCH-1200 N Everett Dr ERClosed
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