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Inclement Weather-Campus Closed- Issued: Thu, 05 Mar 2015 | 7:37 pm
Inclement weather. The OUHSC Oklahoma City Campus will be opening at 9:30 am on Thursday 3-05-2015. Employees and patients at clinics need to contact their clinic. Updates on website and local media.

Crime Log

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Incident No.Sorted By Incident No. In Descending OrderIncident TypeCrime Date/TimeReport Date/TimeGEOLocationDisposition
15-0219Information Report-Juvenile in need of Supervision3/3/2015 8:153/3/2015 8:20OUMCOUMC-700 NE 13th St ERClosed
15-0218EOD3/2/2015 12:223/2/2015 12:45TCHTCH-1200 N Everett Dr Closed
15-0217UUMV/Poss of Firearm 3/2/2015 00:163/2/2015 00:16SLE700 NE 13th StreetClosed by Arrest
15-0216Notice to Vacate3/1/2015 22:463/1/2015 22:46OUMC OUMC-700 NE 13th St 2nd FloorClosed
15-0215Notice to Vacate3/1/2015 15:203/1/2015 15:20TCHTCH-1200 N Everett Dr Closed by Arrest
15-0214Notice to Vacate3/1/2015 15:203/1/2015 15:30OUMCOUMC-700 NE 13th St 1st Floor Closed by Arrest
15-0214Notice to Vacate3/1/2015 15:203/1/2015 15:30OUMCOUMC-700 NE 13th St 1st Floor Closed by Arrest
15-0213Found Property3/1/2015 12:503/1/2015 12:54OUHSCCPB-1110 N. StonwallClosed
15-0212Larceny3/1/2015 09:433/1/2015 10:17OUMCOUMC-700 NE 13th St-CafeteriaOpen
15-0211Public Intox/ Warrant Arrest2/28/2015 21:222/282015 21:22SLE600 NE 13th StreetClosed by Arrest
15-0210Found Property2/27/2015 08:002/28/2015 19:37TCHTCH-1200 N Everett Dr 5th FloorClosed
15-0209Larceny2/28/2015 10:002/28/2015 11:40OUMCOUMC-700 NE 13th St Room 726Open
15-0208Notice to Vacate2/28/2015 00:482/28/2015 00:48OUMCOUMC-700 NE 13th St ERClosed by Arrest
15-0207Found Property2/27/2015 09:002/827/2015 13:16OUMCOUMC-700 NE 13th St CafeteriaClosed
15-0206Information Report-Juvenile in need of Supervision2/27/2015 08:002/27/2015 08:01OUMCOUMC-700 NE 13th St ERClosed
15-0205DUS2/27/2015 01:502/27/2015 01:50SLENE 13th and LincolnClosed by Arrest
15-0204EOD2/27/2015 00:062/27/2015 00:57VLOCCICClosed
15-0203Theft from Motor Vehicle2/26/2015 19:492/26/2015 20:21OUMCOUMC-700 NE 13th St Room 766Open
15-0202Larceny2/26/2015 09:402/26/2015 11:12TCHTCH-1200 N Everett Dr Radiology Film Rm #1340Closed
15-0201Larceny2/16/2015 06:002/17/2015 12:30OUMCOUMC-700 NE 13th St 5th FloorClosed
15-0200Larceny2/26/2015 01:162/26/2015 01:16OUMCOUMC-700 NE 13th St Parking LotOpen
15-0199Suspicious Activity2/25/2015 17:452/25/2015 17:45OUHSCBSEB-941 S L YoungClosed
15-0198Theft from Motor Vehicle2/20/2015 07:002/25/2015 14:54OUMCOUMC-700 NE 13th St Parking LotOpen
15-0197Larceny2/24/2015 07:002/24/2015 09:40OUMCOUMC-700 NE 13th St 5 East FloorOpen
15-0196Possession of CDS in presence of a minor2/24/2015 22:182/24/2014 22:18SLENE 15th & KelleyClosed by Arrest
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