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Incident No.Sorted By Incident No. In Descending OrderIncident TypeCrime Date/TimeReport Date/TimeGEOLocationDisposition
16-0128Found Property02/08/2016 03:0002/08/2016 03:00OUMCOUMC-700 N.E. 13th Street Parking GarageClosed
16-0127Found Property02/08/2016 02:5202/08/2016 02:52SLE1200 Blk of N. LottieClosed
16-0126Larceny02/05/2016 11:0001/05/2016 18:54OUMCOUMC-700 N.E. 13th Street 6th FloorClosed
16-0125Larceny02/05/2016 06:3702/06/2015 06:00OUMCOUMC-700 N.E. 13th Street Diagnostic UnitOpen
16-0124Drug/Narcotics Violations/Assault02/06/2016 00:1302/06/2016 00:13SLEN. Stonewall and Dean PlaceClosed by Arrest
16-0123Felony Eluding02/05/2016 20:4802/05/2016 20:48SLEN.E. 4th and LincolnClosed
16-0122Warrant Arrest02/05/2016 20:5002/05/2016 20:50SLEN.E. 4th and Research ParkwayClosed by Arrest
16-0120Tresspassing02/05/2016 16:0502/05/2016 16:05OUMCOUMC-700 N.E. 13th Street CafeteriaClosed by Arrest
16-0119Lost Property02/05/2016 11:4002/05/2016 15:15OUMCOUMC-700 N.E. 13th Street 2nd FloorClosed
16-0118Notice to Vacate02/05/2016 06:3702/05/2016 07:19OUMCOUMC-700 N.E. 13th Street Diagnostic UnitClosed
16-0117Threats/Intimidation02/04/2016 17:4602/04/2016 18:57CSCCSC-1100 N.E. 13th StreetClosed
16-0116Found Property02/04/2016 16:3002/04/2016 16:46TCHTCH-1200 N Everett Drive Officers DeskClosed
16-0115Found Property02/04/2016 14:4402/04/2016 14:44OUCPOUCP-1200 N. Childrens Ave. AtriumClosed
16-0114Larceny02/04/2016 12:0702/04/2016 13:43OUMCOUMC-700 NE 13th St. Lower Level RadiologyOpen
16-0113Larceny02/02/2016 21:0002/04/2016 13:43OUMCOUMC-700 NE 13th St. Open
16-0112Suspicious Activity02/04/2016 10:0002/04/2016 11:19OUCPOUCP-1200 N. Childrens Ave. Parking GarageOpen
16-0111Information Report02/04/2016 09:4502/04/2016 10:42CPDCPD-934 N.E. 8th StreetClosed
16-0110Larceny02/03/2016 12:3002/04/2016 10:10HHODCHHODC-1000 N. Lincoln 4th FloorOpen
16-0109Larceny02/03/2016 12:0002/04/2016 08:57HHODCHHODC-1000 N. Lincoln 3rd FloorOpen
16-0108Drug/Narcotics Violation02/04/2016 07:5602/04/2016 08:01FMCFMC-900 N.E. 10th StreetOpen
16-0107Larceny02/02/2016 19:3002/03/2016 20:43OUMCOUMC-700 NE 13th St. 6th FloorOpen
16-0106Warrant Arrest02/03/2016 09:5502/03/2016 10:16SLEN.E. 16th and EverestClosed by Arrest
16-0105Larceny02/02/2016 19:0002/02/2016 01:02OUMCOUMC-700 NE 13th St. APUOpen
16-0104Vandalism/Damage of Property02/02/2016 08:0002/02/2016 18:55OUCPOUCP-1200 N. Childrens Ave. Atrium Parking GarageOpen
16-0103Found Property02/02/2016 15:0002/02/2016 15:17OUMCOUMC-700 NE 13th St. ER LoungeClosed
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