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Incident No.Sorted By Incident No. In Descending OrderIncident TypeCrime Date/TimeReport Date/TimeGEOLocationDisposition
15-0624DUI, Felony Child Endangerment6/25/2015 00:576/25/2015 00:57SLENE 13th & Lottie AveClosed by Arrest
15-0623Notice to Vacate6/24/2015 10:356/24/2015 10:39SLE1100 N. Stonewall AveClosed
15-0622Folund Property6/24/2015 08:216/24/2015 08:21OUMCOUMC-700 NE 13th St Closed
15-0621Larceny6/23/2015 08:466/23/2015 22:56TCHTCH-1200 N Everett Dr 8th Floor rm 5108Open
15-0620Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Obstruction6/23/2015 09:476/20/2015 09:48TCHTCH-1200 N Everett Dr Rm 10128Closed by Arrest
15-0619Assault & Battery on Police Officer6/22/2015 17:566/22/2015 17:56OUMCOUMC-700 NE 13th St ERClosed by Arrest
15-0618Found Property6/22/2015 16:456/22/2015 17:02OUHSCOUPB-825 NE 10th StreetClosed
15-0617Public Intox, Violation of Notice to Vacate6/22/2015 02:566/22/2015 02:56OUMCOUMC-700 NE 13th St Closed
15-0616Property-Safe Keeping6/21/2015 16:006/21/2015 16:18OUMCOUMC-700 NE 13th St -TraumaClosed
15-0615Notice to Vacate6/21/2015 04:406/21/2015 04:40OUMCOUMC-700 NE 13th St ERClosed
15-0614Elude Police6/20/2015 22:116/20/2015 22:11SLENE 12th & Kate Closed
15-0613Distrubance-Out of Conttol Patient6/20/2015 10:156/20/2015 10:22OUMCOUMC-700 NE 13th St Closed
15-0612Attempted Auto Theft6/20/2015 08:006/20/2015 09:47OUHSCOUHSC-Lot KOpen
15-0611DUI, TOC6/20/2015 00:236/20/2015 00:34SLENE 13th & Lottie AveClosed by Arrest
15-0610Vehicle Impound6/20/2015 02:236/20/2015 02:23SLE1300 Lincoln AveClosed
15-0609CDS for Destruction6/19/2015 11:306/20/2015 00:06SLE1200 N. Lincoln BlvdClosed
15-0608Found Property6/19/2015 15:306/19/2015 15:30OUMCOUMC-700 NE 13th St 1st Floor Closed
15-0607EOD6/19/2015 13:396/19/2015 14:39OUHSCOUPB-825 NE 10th Street 1st FloorClosed
15-0606Found Property6/19/2015 09:006/19/2015 09:12TCHTCH-1200 N Everett Dr PICU # 8234Closed
15-0605Notice to Vacate6/17/2015 18:006/17/2015 18:53TCHTCH-1200 N Everett Dr Closed
15-0604Warrant Arrest6/17/2015 10:306/917/2015 11:01SLE1500 Everest AveClosed by Arrest
15-0603Vehicle Impound6/15/2015 21:076/15/2015 21:07SLE1000 N. Stonewall AveClosed
15-0602Found Property6/16/2015 09:456/16/2015 12:22OUMCOUMC-700 NE 13th St 1st Floor Closed
15-0601Warrant Arrest6/16/2015 11:266/16/2015 11:40SLENE 13th & Lottie AveClosed by Arrest
15-0600Vehicle Impound6/16/2015 07:006/16/2015 07:00SLENE 8th & Phillips AveClosed
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