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  • OUHSC Security Officers

    Unarmed OUHSC security officers are on after-hours posts along with uniformed officers to ensure safety within the hospitals on campus.

  • In 2012 OUHSC Officers had the following arrests:

    Assault & Battery- 3, DUI – 43, Driving Under Suspension – 12, Obstruct Peace Officer – 2, Drug (Marijuana/Crack Cocain/Methamphetamines) – 8, Alcohol related (Public Intoxication) – 141, Shoplifting – 16, Trespass – 16, Warrants for other agencies - 113

    Dagg Making an Arrest
  • OUHSC Security Vehicle

    OUHSC unarmed security patrol the interiors and outside areas of dozens of university buildings at the end of the work day. They patrol along side uniformed officers and their presence allows OUHSC police officers to increase contacts with the public to make our campus as safe as possible.

    Security Vehicle