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Employee Recognition Committee



The function of the Employee Recognition Committee is to coordinate the Staff Recognition Luncheon held each Spring.   At this luncheon, individual staff members are recognized for their dedicated years of service to the University.   Also recognized are the outstanding employees who were named Employees of the Month during the year.   

NOTE: The number of members on this committee is not restricted. All staff who wish to participate in this committee should contact the Staff Senate


Current membership:




Kelli Dyer 2014-16 OUHSC Parking
Michele Doughty 2014-16 Financial Services
Nikki Neel 2014-16 OUHSC Parking
Paula Cockrell 2014-16 Geriatrics
Heather Markgraf 2014-16 Budget
Don Clothier, Co-Chair 2013-15 Family Medicine
Cheryl Walk 2014-16 College of Allied Health
Kimberley Johnson 2014-16 College of Allied Health
Latrese Colbert 2014-16 Geriatrics
Mary Baisch, Co-Chair 2013-15 Family Medicine
Shannon Serrano 2014-16 Infectious Diseases
Melissa Moore 2014-16 Library
Sandy Warner 2014-16 College of Pharmacy
Pat Vinson 2013-15 College of Allied Health
George Schmerer 2013-15 Campus Police
Paula Meder 2013-15 College of Pharmacy
Laura Lopez 2013-15 Family Medicine
Pat Word 2013-15 Financial Services
Rachel Hammons
2013-15 Cancer Center


committee details:

  • Staff Senate Standing Committee
  • Consists of at least eight (8) members, serving 2-year staggered terms (terms begin July 1 and expire June 30)
  • Co-Chairs of the committee are appointed annually by the Chair of the HSC Staff Senate
  • The Past Chair of the committee may serve in an advisory capacity


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