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    Biomedical and Behavioral Methodology Core
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    The BBMC Mission
    The BBMC mission is to support and enhance study
    design, data capture, and analytics for Pediatrics research.
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    Biomedical and Behavioral Methodology Core

Biomedical and Behavioral Methodology Core

The BBMC mission is to support and enhance study design, data capture, and analytics for Pediatrics research.

Who We Are:

BBMC is a collaboration with College of Medicine - Department of Pediatrics, Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology, and College of Public Health. Our team is comprised of biostatisticians and experienced researchers. The Core offers a variety of support services for projects at any stage of development.

In addition to the consultation services our team provides, many members of the team continue to lead their own research studies within their own departments, including new method developments and applied research on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). You can read about some of those studies here. BBMC also provides general and advanced research training opportunities for researchers at all levels of experience. For more information about these research programs, collaborative opportunities, or training, please email us at bbmc@ouhsc.edu.

BBMC Expertise

BBMC has faculty biostatisticians experienced in big and small data analytics, data mining, causal modeling, clinical trials, and all aspects of quantitative research design and development. Our staff have strong expertise in graphical reports, API data extraction experience, web development, and literate programming (e.g. Markdown, LaTeX).

We also have extensive knowledge of REDCap and have members of two national committees on hand. We provide oversight for REDCap on campus, and are the lead developers of the REDCapR package for R statistical analysis software. Other R packages include OuhscMunge, WATS, and codified.

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Research Design

  • Sample size planning
  • Analytics planning
  • Protocol assistance
  • Aims consult

Methodology Support

  • Develop new methodologies
  • Applied research
  • Protocol development

Biostatistician Support

  • Statistical Analysis
  • Analytic planning
  • Monitoring and oversight
  • Faculty support

Data Management

  • REDCap, SharePoint, SQL Server, etc.
  • Data mining and predictive analysis
  • Training staff on data management systems

Editing & Publications

  • Manuscript editing
  • Presentation Review
  • Publish results

Mentoring & Teaching

  • Graduate committee memberships
  • Hands-on and classroom training
  • Workshops
  • Users groups

Tier 1

Support Level: : Minimal

First Hour FREE

Each additional hour billed at staff hourly % FTE*

  • Provide investigators with database resources for self-development
  • Brief consult on design, aims, and analysis
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Tier 2

Support Level: : Moderate

15% FTE: Database Manager

15% FTE: Biostatistics GRA

5% FTE: Faculty Supervision

  • Support for database development, management, and technical assistance
  • Biostatistics GRA support for design, aims, and analysis
  • Faculty supervision for the life of the project
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Tier 3

Support Level: : Advanced

15% FTE: Database Manager

20% FTE: Faculty Biostatistics Support

  • All Tier 2 services
  • Biostatistics faculty support for design, aims, and analytics for the life of the project
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