Clinical Research Data Warehouse

About CDRW

The Clinical Research Data Warehouse (CDRW) is a partnership between OU College of Medicine, Oklahoma Shared Clinical and Translational Resources (OSCTR), OU Health, and the Oklahoma Health Care Authority/Meditech. The CDRW is working to connect electronic medical records (EMRs) to research and quality improvement/quality assurance (QI/QA) communities. The CDRW supports OUHSC's ability to compete for grants by allowing access to inpatient and outpatient EMRs. CDRW also helps improve care for patients by supporting the facilitation of meaningful local surveillance programs. CDRW is committed to avoiding undesirable work-arounds which create risk for duplicate data entry, poor data quality, and poorly managed smaller databases.

Investigators who would like to request support from CDRW should submit a BBMC request form.

Learn more about the CRDW team here.