Prosthetics and rehabilitation of people with lower limb amputations

  1. Outcomes of prosthetic rehabilitation Can we tell who is a candidate for prosthetic rehabilitation?

  2. Preprosthetic training

    When is someone ready for a prosthesis?

    How do they get ready?

  3. The prosthetic prescription

    What is available?

    What does it cost?

    What is it worth?

  4. Prosthetic training

    Does the prosthesis fit the way it should?

    When are gait deviations caused by the prosthesis?

    When do they point to problems that the patient and therapist must correct?

    What can you accomplish in two or three sessions?

Internet resources on rehabilitation for people with lower extremity amputations

"Biomechanics of Walking for People with Lower Extremity Amputations", presented at "Update on Lower Extremity Amputations," part of the St. Anthony Hospital Clinical Education Series, Oklahoma City, September 28, 2006

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