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OUHSC Campus

Grants & Contracts

Sponsored Program Deposits

All checks for deposit on the Oklahoma City Campus involving SPNSR fund projects must be delivered to Grants and Contracts Accounting, 865 Research Parkway, Suite 490. All funds must be hand delivered and should not be sent through campus mail.

Sponsored payments received on the Tulsa Campus must be forwarded to the OUHSC Grants and Contracts Accounting Office unless payment is for a clinical trial. Clinical Trial payments received within the departments need to be delivered to the Administration and Finance
Office for depositing.

Deposits for non clinical trial awards are identified in PeopleSoft under the following general ledger account number.

PSFT Income

GL Acct No. = 150100
Description of GL Account No. = Accounts Receivable

Deposits for clinical trials are identified in PeopleSoft under the following general ledger account numbers.

440200 Grants/Contracts - Federal (Direct and Flow Through)
440300 Grants/Contracts – State
440500 Grants/Contracts – Private (Foundations & Medical Organizations)
440520 Grants/Contracts – Private (Industry & Pharmaceutical Companies)


All refund checks for sponsored programs should be routed through Grants and Contracts Accounting. The check should be clearly identified as a refund and must be a refund due to return, defect, or rebate of a previously purchased item. All checks received from the award sponsor will be considered revenue unless an exception has been received due to an extenuating circumstance.