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Sponsored Program Extensions

Grants and Contracts Accounting sends out email notifications 90 and 45 days prior to the end of the award. These notices allow the principal investigator time to ensure whether the work can be completed according to the original schedule or whether an extension of time will be necessary. If it becomes necessary to extend a grant or contract beyond the original termination date, the following courses of action may be taken:

1. If sponsor approval is required, a formal request and justification must be submitted to the Office of Research Administration (ORA) in writing. ORA will then submit the request to the sponsor. Upon sponsor approval, a copy of the approval notice will be delivered to ORA and forwarded to Grants and Contracts Accounting. Extension requests should be submitted no less than 45 days prior to the end of the award to allow time for sponsor approval.

2. If sponsor approval or notification is not required, a request with justification must be submitted to ORA for approval and processing. Extension requests should be submitted no less than 30 days prior to the end of the award.

3. Extensions for clinical trials with no expiration date in the contract, can be renewed until the IRB expiration date. If the IRB has been renewed, contact Grants and Contracts Accounting (GCA) to extend the project end date. The end date will be reviewed in Iris and updated. If the IRB is through an external IRB, then the updated IRB must be submitted to GCA before the project end date can be extended.

To ensure that there is no interruption to the fiscal management of the award an ECAV requesting an extension to the award can be sent to ORA. The ECAV will be valid for no more than 90 days. If an extension has not been received at that time, the project will be frozen and additional costs will not be allowed on the award. If an ECAV for extension has been submitted and the sponsor subsequently denies the extension request, all expenditures accrued after the original end date will have to be removed and covered by a non-sponsored chartfield.