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TAL - Frequently Asked Questions

See also: Payroll FAQ's and Payroll Coordinator FAQ's

What if my timesheet is not calculating correctly?

Click on the Calculate Timesheet icon on the timesheet screen. It should then show the Paid Summary information correctly. If the problem does not resolve by doing this, send a screenshot of your timesheet to

The TAL system will not allow me to complete my timesheet, what is happening?

If the timesheet says "Approved, Not Completed" it means that the supervisor/Payroll Coordinator has already approved the timesheet and the employee cannot complete it. The employee can ask that the Supervisor/Payroll Coordinator remove the approval from the timesheet to allow the employee to complete it. If it is past the deadline and it was accurate as approved, there is nothing that needs to be done. The employee will be paid for what is on the timesheet. If it is past the deadline and corrections need to be made, they can be made after payroll processes and can be paid on the next payroll if the Supervisor/Payroll Coordinator makes a prior pay period adjustment. See the Supervisor manual located on for steps on how to complete this.

If the timesheet has not been approved and the employee still cannot complete the timesheet, it is likely due to errors that prevent a timesheet from being completed. Reference the employee manual for a list of errors, and contact the Supervisor/Payroll Coordinator for assistance with the errors.

How do I request to earn comp time instead of overtime?

Complete the comp time request form and return it to your supervisor. Your supervisor will follow the steps in section 5.2 of the supervisor manual to change your status to comp time accrual. This can be temporary or permanent and a date range should be set accordingly.

Why can't I change my leave request?

If the leave request is for the current pay period, it is processed as soon as it is approved. The supervisor/Payroll Coordinator will have to make the change to an hourly employee's exception time under Manager Tasks > Employee Timesheets. If the employee is salaried, the employee can make the change to the exception time by navigating to Employee Tasks > Timesheet.

If the leave request is for future time off and the supervisor has already responded to the leave request (approved/denied), the employee cannot change their leave request the supervisor must put the request back into a pending status. See employee manual for information.

Why do I only have the option to request "leave taken scheduled?"

The TAL system cascades leave balances automatically. The system will pull leave from the following categories in this order:

Banked Holiday > Compensatory Time> Paid Time Off (PTO) > Extended Sick Leave (ESL), provided that all conditions for ESL are met > Leave Without Pay (LWOP).

LWOP will automatically be applied when all applicable leaves are exhausted.

Why am I not able to request leave for the current pay period?

Make sure your current timesheet is not already completed or approved, which will prevent you from submitting a leave request for the current pay period.  Once the timesheet has been uncompleted and/or unapproved, you will be able to submit your leave request.

Why are there two drop downs to select leave type on the leave request?

Employees with a pre-approved FMLA event, will have the option in the second drop down to request time off for this event. Employees who are not requesting FMLA-related leave only need to select leave taken scheduled on the first drop down menu.

What if my badge does not swipe at the wall clock?

Ensure that you are swiping with the picture side up and your card is not split or broken. New employees may experience up to a three-day delay in being able to swipe their badge. You can try keying in your 6 digit HR # using the keypad. For further questions, contact the OneCard office at ext. 12980 or SCB -115.

Will I be able to clock in outside of my normal schedule?

The TAL system does not track employee’s schedule. You can clock in or out at any time. Seven minute rounding rules do apply. If you clock in at 7:53, it will show you clocked in at 7:53, but pay you for 8:00. If you clock in at 7:52, it will show you clocked in at 7:52, but pay you for 7:45.

Why can't I access the webclock?

Only hourly employees on the campus network can access the web clock. This does include OKC, Tulsa, Norman, Lawton or several outlying areas. If you are experiencing log in issues and are on the OUHSC campus network, visit or contact the IT Help Desk at ext. 12203.

Note: Access to the webclock on a mobile device is not permitted.

Why are some buttons greyed out in TAL?

Make sure you are using the newest version of Internet Explorer and make sure compatibility mode is turned on. In Internet Explorer, go to Tools, then click Compatibility View Settings in the box labeled "Add this website" type in and click "Add." Once completed, you should see "" in the box labeled "Websites you've added to Compatibility View." Restart your browser, and the changes should take effect.

How do I record my time if I do not have access to the web clock?

If you cannot access the TAL system, you can use a paper timesheet. This will need to be submitted to your supervisor for entry prior to the period being closed/processed.