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Search Results for 'accounts payable'

Approval of Personal Transactions
    Policy requiring all employee reimbursements to be approved by a higher institutional authority.

    Guidelines defining "gift" and the guidelines for exception purchases.

Cash Fund Counts Procedure
    Policy on Cash Fund Reconciliation

Change Funds
    Guidelines to requesting and managing change funds.

Communication Devices and Services
    Policy in regards to business use of cellular devices and pagers.

Employee Expense Reimbursement
    Guidelines for time to file for employee expense reimbursements.

Fly America Act
    Policy in regards to the Fly America Act which pertains to airfare paid on Federal Funds for international travel.

Food & Beverage Guidelines
    Guidelines for the purchase of food and beverages for business.

Foreign National Taxation
    Policy for handling foreign national taxation.

Honorarium Payments Policy
    Policy outlining the payments of honorariums.

Honorarium Payments Procedures
    Procedures outlining the process to make honorarium payments.

Independent Contractor Decision Tree
    Chart to guide you through the process of submitting requests for independent contractor approvals.

Independent Contractor Guideline
    Policy explaining the classification for independent contractors.

Late Fees
    State statute in regards to late fees.

Membership Dues
    Guidelines in regards to allowed memberships.

Moving Expenses
    Moving expense policy.

OMES Statewide Accounting Manual
    Office of Management and Enterprise Services accounting manual outlining all allowed payments policies for the State of Oklahoma. See Section 5, Disbursements.

Participant Payment Matrix
    Guide to requirements for participant payments allowed from petty cash funds or required by warrant.

Participant Payment Policy
    Policy outlining participant payments.

Payment To Foreign Nationals
    Procedures for submitting a payment to a foreign national.

Payment to Vendors
    Policy in regards to vendor payments.

Payments for Services Performed by Non-Employees
    Policy in regards to payments to individuals that are not currently OUHSC employees.

Pcard Guide
    Purchasing guide indicating allowable and non-allowable pcard purchases.

Petty Cash - Departments
    Policy in regards to request, replenishment, management, and closure of petty cash funds.

Petty Cash - Research Incentives
    Policy in regards to request, replenishment, management, and closure of research incentive petty cash funds.

Pre-payment Policy
    Pre-payment policy.

Refunds (Patient and Other)
    Procedures for requesting refunds to patients or other individuals/companies that have paid OUHSC in excess of amount due.

Registration Fees
    Policy in regards to allowability of prepayment of conference registration fees.

Reimbursement Documentation Requirements
    Documentation requirements for reimbursement of individuals for business expenses.

Small Dollar Purchasing Guide
    Guide in regards to purchases and the requirements for encumbrance and/or contracts.

Student Activity Funds
    Guidance on spending funds generated from the collection of student fees.

Student Payment Guidelines
    Guidelines on IRS requirements for payments made to students and the classifications of business versus education (scholarship) expenses.

    Guidelines on the purchase of medical and non-medical subscriptions.

Taxable Employee Expenses
    Procedure for processing taxable employee expenses.

Travel Policy
    OUHSC travel policy which outlines classification and allowability of expenses.

Warrant (Check) Handling Procedures
    Check handling procedures and requirements

Warrant (Check) Pickup Procedures
    Procedures in regards to having warrants returned to the department (held in AP for authority to pick up).

Warrants (Checks)
    Information in regards to the function of warrants (checks) issued by OUHSC to include cancellation, reissue, stop pay, etc.