Pharmacy Services

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Pharmacy Services

Expertise offered by your pharmacist is critical to your diabetes management.

Before your diagnosis with diabetes, you may never have questioned the safety of the non-diabetes medications you take. But managing your diabetes requires attention to the prescription drugs, over-the-counter remedies, and even dietary supplements you may be taking. Your pharmacist is an important member of your diabetes care team, trained to identify and help you avoid medication interactions that can negatively affect your health.

Following your pharmacist’s recommendations, even on something like a daily vitamin or cold medication, is key to controlling your blood sugar and managing your overall condition.

Several pharmacies are located within easy distance from Harold Hamm Diabetes Center clinics in both Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

Contact Information

Oklahoma City
OU Physicians Pharmacy
825 NE 10th Street
P: (405) 271-6446

OU Children’s Physicians Pharmacy
1200 Children's Ave., Suite 2A
P: (405) 271-2156

OU Family Medicine Pharmacy
900 NE 10th Street
P: (405) 271-2333

OU-Tulsa Clinic Pharmacy
4444 E. 41st Street, Main Floor
P: (918) 619-4990