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Innovative research focused on progress toward a cure

Hamm Diabetes Center's research group is one of the top-funded and largest in the world. The advances in our laboratories are being translated into dramatically improved patient care for those suffering from diabetes and its complications.

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2020 Funded Grants

Team Science Grants

William Hildebrand, PhD: Type 1 Diabetes Immune Targets ($50,000)
David Sparling, M.D., PhD: Infant Gut Microbial Species and Programming Innate Immunity ($99,969)
Karen Jonscher, PhD: Role of CRISPLD2 in Adipose Function ($100,000)
Dean Myers, PhD: Development of a Baboon Model of Western Diet and Maternal Obesity-Mechanisms for Fetal Epigenetic Programming of Behavior and Metabolism ($100,000)
Stephanie Pierce, M.D.: Pilot RCT Intervention Targeting Elevated Triglycerides with a Point-of-Care Meter and Omega-3 Fatty Acids to Normalize Triglycerides and Fetal Growth ($99,322)

Equipment Grants

Martin-Paul Agbaga, PhD: Headspace Sampler for Short Chain Fatty Acids Analyses ($34,778)
Michael Rudolph, PhD: A Comprehensive and Dedicated Rodent Metabolic Phenotyping Resource ($500,000)
Susan Sission, PhD: Request to Purchase: Veggie Meter ($27,555)
Sowmya Krishnan, M.D.: Bone Microarchitecture in Adolescents and Young Adults with Diabetes ($10,208.59)
Carol Dionne, PT, DPT, PhD, MS, OCS, Cert MDT: Expanding Investigation Capabilities at the Center for Human Performance Measurement ($54,553.11)

Research book cover

Research at the Root (2018)

This report elucidates the ways HHDC answers the call for progress against the pandemic of diabetes and its complications. 

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Research is not limited to the laboratory. Learn about Clinical Trials at the Hamm Diabetes Center.