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Statistics and clinical decision-making

·         OUHSC D2L page for information on academic courses at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

·         Curricular materials from the Training Unit, BERD Core, OSCTR

·         The hazard ratio is interpretable as an odds or a probability under the assumption of proportional hazards

·         Choosing Statistical Models to Assess Biological Interaction as a Departure from Additivity of Effects.

·         Power and sample size for cluster randomized and stepped wedge trials: Comparing estimates obtained by applying design effects or by direct estimation in GLMM.

·        Learning to Practice and Teach Evidence Based Health Care, a workshop series at OUHSC, 2006-2011

·         Hypothesis testing and statistical power

·         Research links: Latent variable techniques

Biostatistics and Public Health: Courseware and other resources

·         Sources for data sets for teaching and learning biostatistics and epidemiology

·         OpenCourseWare from The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health: free, online educational modules for public health

·         COBRA, the Collection of Biostatistics Research Archive, a scholar-driven open-access repository of biostatistics working papers overseen by the Berkeley Electronic Press

·         Supercourse repository of lectures on public health and prevention.

Other resources for teaching and writing about statistics

·         Creating graphs and charts to explore information

·         Writing about statistical methods

·         Designing and using specific course objectives

Archived course materials, kinesiology and biomechanics, 2001-2002

·         Introduction to the study of human walking

·         Kinesiology, emphasizing biomechanics and exercise science

·         Pathokinesiology

·         Motor teaching and motor learning

·         Rehabilitation of people with lower limb amputations

·         Prosthetic biomechanics

·         Balance and control of posture

·         For teachers

"Provide for the esoteric, exotic, and impractical in the curriculum; the practical and pedestrian will take care of itself.
If it does not, you have not lost much anyway."

Herman B Wells (1902-2000; President of the Univ. of Indiana, 1938-1962)

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