Healthy aging, healthy living.

Our Story

The Oklahoma Healthy Aging Initiative (OHAI) enhances health and quality of life for older Oklahomans. Because health is multi-faceted, OHAI uses a three-prong approach to improve the wellness of seniors: 1) Increase access to and quality of interdisciplinary geriatric healthcare 2) Provide excellence in health education to healthcare professionals, students of the healthcare and social service disciplines, older adults and their families, and the community at large, and lastly 3) Optimize health and aging policy. OHAI created a statewide senior health network by establishing Centers of Healthy Aging in five regions across the state. Centers provide both clinical care and health education throughout their respective regions.

Centers of Healthy Aging.  Located in five regions across the state, the centers work in collaboration with local service clinics, while providing health education throughout their respective regions. Each center offers educational programs geared towards seniors, caregivers and those providing healthcare services to seniors. Programs include topics ranging from healthy aging to assisting individuals living with chronic diseases. In addition to our regular programming, education specialists are available to present on a wide range of topics in your communities. We are advocates and partners for your well-being. 

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Enhance the health and quality of life for Oklahoma’s seniors by increasing access to geriatric healthcare, providing excellence in health education, and optimizing health and aging policy.


The Oklahoma Healthy Aging Initiative (OHAI) was established in 2012 by a grant from the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation.

OHAI understands that good health is key to successful aging. We focus in improving the health of older adults across the state through caregiver training and health promotion education. We also partner with health systems to establish senior health clinics to increase access to geriatric health care. With five locations across the state, OHAI provides health education to all 77 counties.