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Williams, Valerie N. - PhD, MPA

Valerie N. Williams, PhD, MPA

Director, Center for Learning and Leadership/UCEDD and Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Faculty Development

In 1990, Valerie N. Williams (she/her) founded the organization known today as the Center for Learning and Leadership/Oklahoma UCEDD. In 1992, the Center first received federal funding and the team began work in earnest. Today, Valerie is a University of Oklahoma Presidential Professor whose main interests are social justice and helping people find and use their talents for greatest impact. She is an advocate for teamwork, shared learning and practice, and finding your voice. Valerie is a faculty member in three Health Sciences Center colleges (graduate, medicine, and public health) and she teaches about how to find your voice both locally and nationally. She earned her master’s degree in public administration at Syracuse University and her doctoral degree at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center.

Contact Information:

405-271-4500, Ext 12688