Frequently Asked Questions

What is the charge for the Facility?

The facility rental fee for events held after 5:00 pm Mondays - Friday (including events beginning before 5:00 pm that extend past 5:00 pm) and/or on weekends are listed below. There is a $800.00 food minimum for all events.

Room Cost
Main Dining Room $1,350.00
College Room $350.00
Oklahoma Room $250.00
Capitol Room $200.00


What are your catering policies?

Faculty House provides catering services anywhere in the metro area. Any events held after 5:00 pm Mondays - Fridays and/or on the weekend, require a minimum food cost of $800.00. Catered events cover a four (4) hour window of service. Events held at Faculty House include setup and breakdown of tables and chairs by Faculty House staff. Faculty House provides real china, table setups, tablecloths, napkins and table skirts.

Are there discounts for members and employees?

Members of Faculty House and Employees of the OU Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma City campus are offered use of Faculty House at a discounted room rate (OUHSC identification will be required if Faculty, Staff, or Student of OUHSC).

Is a deposit required?

There is a $250.00 deposit required to secure and hold the room ($350.00 deposit required for functions held in the month of December). Customers who have not paid the deposit within 7 days of reserving the room will be bumped should another customer call requesting the room on the same day. Deposit may be made by credit card, cash or check with valid drivers license. Deposits will be forfeited if the event is not cancelled 30 days prior to the function date.

What about a contract and payment?

Contract must be signed and 50% of the function must be paid 30 days prior to the function. The remaining balance must be paid no less than two (2) business days prior to the actual function. If payment is not received, the function may be cancelled by Faculty House.

What is the cancellation policy at Faculty House?

Cancellation 48 hours, or less, prior to the function will be charged 100% of the total based upon the final gurantee. If your function is cancelled, or revised to eliminate a special food order, and the special food order has been purchased for the event the customer is responsible for all costs of the special order.

All refunds require a vendor form be completed and usually take approximately 2 weeks to process.

What time may I come in to decorate?

Arrangements can be made with the Faculty House. The rate is $25.00 per hour, unless you wish to use a portion of your event hours to decorate. When decorating please do not use staple, tacks, nails in woodwork or walls or candles on any carpeted area. Please check with the Faculty House should you have a question concerning any decorations, party favors, etc.

How long are guests allowed to use the facility?

Room rental is for 4 hourse of facility use. The official time period will extend from the time as stated on the contract not actual arrival time. Extended hours are $100.00 per hour.

Does Faculty House provide bar service?

Faculty House falls under the rules of State agencies and is not allowed to serve liquor.  If you would like to serve liquor, beer or wine you will need to have a licensed, bonded and insured liquor caterer, who has at least a million dollars in insurance coverage, to provide the bar service.  A copy of the liquor license and insurance policy must be provided to Faculty House management at least 14 days prior to the event.  We work closely with licensed liquor caterers and will be glad to put you in contact with them.  Some of the liquor caterers that we work with will allow you to bring your own liquor, beer and wine but there will be a setup fee for the bar services.  

How many people can the Main Dining Room hold?

The main dining room can comfortably seat 165-175 guests. If tables are not required then the main dining room can accommodate up to 250 people. The College room can accommodate 35-50 depending on the seating arrangement. The Capitol room holds 20 people. The Oklahoma room holds 25-30 people.

May I bring in my own food?

Faculty House does not allow any food or drinks to be brought in from the outside except for cakes and other sweets.  If servers are requested to cut and serve the cake there will be an additional charge for the service.  

Can I bring my own cake?

Yes. There may be an additional charge if Faculty House is asked to cut and serve the cake to your guests.

What kind of decorations does Faculty House provide?

We provide linens and table skirting (colors are limited). Any additional decorations have to be provided by the customer.

Does Faculty House provide a dance floor?

A dance floor is not part of the main dining room. If one is needed the Faculty House can provide one at an additional cost of $350.00. Dancing is not allowed on Faculty House carpet.

Is there a music system available?

We have satellite music available with several different types of music for you to choose from.

What are your computer and video equipment capabilities?

Faculty House does not provide any video/computer equipment. However, Faculty House does provide free wireless Internet service and we do have a video screen available if needed.

Where is parking located?

The main parking lot is located on the NW corner of the intersection of 14th and Lincoln. Overflow parking is located at 14th and Phillips.

Does Faculty House provide servers?

We provide enough servers to facilitate the number of expected guests. If you require additional servers they can be provided at an additional cost.

What are Faculty House's policies on loss or damage of personal property?

Faculty House does not assume responsibility for damage or loss of any merchandise or articles left on the premise. We reserve the right to charge for damaged/ missing equipment, carpet or furnishings.

Is the patio available for use?

The patio is available for your use at an additional charge of $300.00 and will accommodate approximately 150 –200 guests. Customer must rent their own chairs and tables to be used out on the patio.

What hours are available for Faculty House to be rented for events?

Generally Faculty House can be rented on weekends as early as 6:30am and any evenings as late as 12:00am depending on the type of event. 

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