The Oklahoma Family Support 360° Center

About Us

The Oklahoma Family Support 360° Center provides information and navigational assistance to families who are caring for children or young adults with developmental disabilities. Guidance is available on finding resources, emotional support, and family networking opportunities in the community. The Oklahoma Family Support 360° Center also shares information, resources, and best practices with families who are not enrolled clients, and collaborates with other organizations, programs and professionals who work with Hispanic/Latino communities and Black/African American communities.

The FS360° Center is staffed by three Family Support Coordinators, two of whom are bilingual in Spanish and English. All three Family Support Coordinators have lived experience navigating systems of care and support as the parents of children with special health care needs. When needed the family support coordinators can schedule time to meet and support families at their home, school, clinics or other community locations.

For more information contact:

Erica Herrera, Lead Family Support Coordinator, Oklahoma Family Support 360° Center



Family Support 360° Center