Oklahoma Family Leadership Network and Mentors

The Oklahoma Family Leadership Network is a group of family advocates working to improve the lives of Oklahomans with disabilities. Within the Family Leadership Network is the Center for Learning and Leadership’s Family Mentors. The Family Mentors work to educate and prepare future professionals by allowing them time to learn from families regarding their day to day needs. Additionally, the Family Mentors provide an opportunity for future professionals to learn more about family advocacy and the impact of family professional partnership for advocacy and systems change.

The Family Leadership Network is comprised of family leaders involved with numerous programs, services and agencies including the Family Support 360, Oklahoma Family Network, National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), Oklahoma Disability Law Center, Tribal General Council, and Oklahoma Commission on Children and Youth to name a few. The Family Leadership Network brings the lived experience of urban and rural areas of the state, the underserved population of the African American and Hispanic population, Native American with tribal support for medical care, and families living in poverty. Additionally, many of the Family Mentors have the live experience of being a single-parent of a child with disabilities.

Many of the Family Leaders and Mentors serve on statewide advisory, committees and boards.  

For more information contact:

Wanda P. Felty
Community Leadership and Advocacy Coordinator
Oklahoma LEND Core Faculty, Parent/Family Discipline

Family Leadership Network and Family Mentors