Lecture Topics in Kinesiology

(from course materials developed for the Department of Rehabilitation Science, 1988-2001)

Control of Human Movement I
Fall term

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Lecture Topic

Introduction to study of movement control

body segments and masses

Naming human movement

Joint structure

Forces and vectors


Muscle anatomy & function

Biomechanics of the knee

Biomechanics of the hip

Biomechanics of the ankle

Muscle synergies

Biomechanics of the subtalar joint

Biomechanics of the intervertebral joints

Biomechanics of standing posture

Introduction to the study of human walking

Biomechanics of lifting

Biomechanics of respiration


Overview of the upper extremity

Biomechanics of the shoulder girdle complex

Biomechanics of the wrist

Biomechanics of the elbow and radioulnar joints

Biomechanics of the hand

Biomechanics of the thumb

OCTH 7242 /PHTH 7243
Control of Human Movement II
Spring term

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Lecture Topic

Length-associated properties of muscle

Exercise to increase flexibility

Exercise to increase endurance

Exercise to increase strength

Exercise prescription and specificity

Interactions among LE joints

Motor teaching and motor learning

Gait kinematics: human gait as an integrated movement pattern

Gait kinetics 1: ground reaction forces and the normal walking pattern

Gait kinetics 2 : using ground reaction forces to understand gait deficits

Energy and power during the gait cycle

Changes in the gait pattern across the lifespan

Principles of lower extremity orthotics: The AFO

Orthotic management of structural foot deformities

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