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Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP)

The Oklahoma ITP Registry

The Oklahoma ITP Registry began in November 2001. The goal is to document the clinical course and long-term outcomes of patients with ITP, including the results of pregnancies.The first patients we enrolled in the ITP Registry were the patients that Dr. George had seen.  Then we sent letters to all of the hematologists in Oklahoma, asking them to have their patients with ITP contact us.  As of April 2015, we have 117 patients in the ITP Registry.  We send questionnaires to each patient once a year.  We already know a lot about the care of patients with ITP by their doctors.  We hope that we can learn with the help of our Registry questionnaires what happens to patients with ITP – or patients who have recovered from ITP – after they don’t need to see their doctors.  Are their platelet counts still low?  Have they returned to their normal healthy life?  Do they feel as good as they did before they got ITP?


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